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Dogs and Cats Naturally

Pet Care  Consultations

Over 18 years experience advising pet owners on caring for their pets

Are you looking for advice on how to care for your dogs and cats in a more natural way?

Have you brought home a new puppy or kitten and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices of food, grooming and other products available for your pets?

What do you ACTUALLY need?  What products are safe and which ones can be harmful?

If you have ever wondered what your dog or cat should really be eating, or whether the flea and tick products you are using on them are the best option, or how you can have a more natural approach to raising your pets, booking a consultation with Reeda can help guide you on the best care for your new family member.

After 18+ years in the animal industry, Reeda has advised a large number of people on how they can care for their pets in the best way possible and help them to thrive. 

Reeda runs dogs and cats naturally workshops and now offers one on one consultations.  She can come to your home and help you understand your  pet's nutritional needs, discus different stages of your pet's life and what you can do to support them with toys, treats, grooming, litter trays etc.  She

Reeda's goal is to give you information that you can use to make an informed decision about how you can care for your pets. She believe wellness includes all members of the family and it begins with what we put into our bodies.

Whether you are a new puppy or kitten owner or have an older pet and would like some help, Reeda can come and help you.

Our pet care consultation usually go for an hour - hour and a half and prices are as follows:

1 hour consultation $60.

$25 each half hour following initial hour

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