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Cat Grooming

Reeda, Australia’s First Certified Feline Master Groomer, provides a SEDATION FREE high quality cat grooming service. Your cat will be groomed by a fully trained and experienced cat groomer who knows how to groom cats.

PLEASE NOTE: Our cat grooming services are in high demand. 

Reeda only does a small number of cats each week and will always give preference to well maintained and behaved animals with owners who are committed

to regular grooming for their cats.

Regular grooming is incredibly important and a well groomed cat is a happy cat!

Why groom cats?

Every cat has a greasy coat! You may not be aware of it if you haven’t given your cat a professional de-greasing bath & blow dry.

A cat with a greasy coat, combined with shedding hair is the reason cats develop knots and a matted coat.

Regular grooming consisting of a bath and blow dry on all cats, will significantly reduce any maintenance you may find yourself needing to do on your cats. Certain coat types need more frequent bathing to be able to thoroughly prevent the development of knots, mats or hairballs.

Regular grooming visits at Nose 2 Tail will allow you to enjoy your cats and take away the worry of the following things:

Shedding! Allergies to your cat, Hairballs, Mats, Waxy Ears, Dreadlocks, Eye discharge, Dandruff

A dirty, smelly coat, Litter stuck in paws, Long sharp claws, Build up on rear end

And remember – A well groomed cat is a happy cat!

We promise that if you follow our recommended grooming schedule for your cat (regular bath and blow dry every 4-8 weeks depending on coat type) your cat’s coat will never matt again!

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are a guide only and are for well maintained, knot free and well behaved cats. Prices below are for cats up to 6kg. 

For cats above this weight there will be an additional $10 for their groom.

Cats who have knots, excessive coat/undercoat, are difficult to groom or require extra work will incur an extra charge. 

Prices will be confirmed when they are dropped off.


Nail Trim only


Soft Paws Nail Caps

Front only


Back only


Front & Back


Extra Charges:

Cats over 6kg


Knot removal

from $20

We do not repeatedly remove knots and mats from cats. 

This is a one time only process and regular grooming is required to avoid knots and mats developing.





Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice/No Show


Late Pick Up
$10 per 15 minutes.


Our cat grooming service is available for cats with well maintained coats.

We do not remove matted or heavily knotted coats and will refer you to a vet to have your cat groomed under sedation.

If for whatever reason a groom cannot be completed due to aggressive or stressed behaviour from your cat, a $50 service fee will still apply.

Having a Bath
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