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How long do I need to leave my dog or cat for grooming?

We aim to have your pets groomed as quickly as possible, however working with animals means this will not always go to plan.

Allow for approximately 1.5 hours per animal.

Can I leave my dog or cat with you all day?

We like to have your pets in the salon for the shortest time possible, however if you have to work or have other things to do while they are  with us, we may be able to accommodate this. Please ensure you discuss this with us when you make your booking. 

Can I drop my dog or cat off early for their appointment?

In most cases we can accommodate early drop offs. Please ensure you discuss this with us when you make your booking. 

My cat is scared of being groomed, can you help?

We have worked with many cats to help rehabilitate them to be able to tolerate and in a lot of cases even enjoy the grooming experience. This takes time and can require regular visits to help them become used to the grooming process and environment.

Can I stay and watch?

Every effort will be made to ensure your cat or dog is groomed as safely as possible. They will often behave much better when the owner is absent or they are not aware of their owner’s presence. This can cause distractions and become dangerous for the animal and groomer.  You are welcome to stay on the property but we ask that you do not allow you pet to know of your presence.

My cat is aggressive, will you still groom them?

We are happy to attempt a groom on any cat. We are unable to assess if we can groom them without meeting them first. We ask that you inform us if your cat has a history of being aggressive or biting/scratching so that we are

prepared and can take precautions.

We reserve the right to stop a groom at any stage where we feel there is danger to us or your cat.

My cat is aggressive, should I have them sedated for you?


We do not groom any cat under sedation.

We use a cat’s body language and signals to read them while they are being groomed.

A sedated cat does not show normal signs and makes it hard for us to read them which can lead to reactions from your cat that are unexpected. A sedated cat is often aware of what is going on, but unable to respond how they like and it can cause them unnecessary trauma.

What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer cash, however we also accept direct bank deposit and PAY ID (fees must show up in our bank account at time of your appointment).

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