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Trimming the Fur

Dog Grooming

Over 17 years experience grooming dogs & cats

PLEASE NOTE: We are being inundated with cat grooming enquiries and many people desperate for regular grooming for their cats. There are not many groomers in Brisbane who can groom cats well.

At this stage, we will not be taking on any new dog grooming clients and booking priority will be given to current dogs on a 6-8 week schedule.

Please ensure your dog is booked in.

Reeda has over 17 years experience as a dog groomer, previously owning and operating multiple grooming salons and a mobile van and is able to offer a full drop off grooming service for well behaved and maintained

small dogs up to 10kg, in Mount Crosby.

Reeda only does a small number of animals each week and will always give preference to well maintained and behaved animals with owners who are committed to regular grooming for their dogs.

Regular grooming is incredibly important and

a well groomed dog is a happy dog!

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are a guide only and are for well maintained, knot free and well behaved dogs. 

Dogs who have knots, excessive coat/undercoat, are difficult to groom or require extra work will incur an extra charge. 

Prices will be confirmed when they are dropped off.


A basic full groom includes the one blade length over the whole body, head is often left a little longer, face, feet and tail trimmed to suit and nails clipped.  Full bath, clean ears and blow dry.

Our Full Groom prices are as follows:

​Small Dog up to 10kg

from $85

Medium Dog 10 to 12kg

from $95


A style groom is a breed specific groom which may include a specific style, scissored legs or skirt, face, feet and tail trimmed to suit and nails clipped. 

Full bath, clean ears and blow dry.

Our Style Groom prices are as follows:

​Small Dog up to 10kg

from $95

Medium Dog 10 to 12kg

from $105


The weeks between grooms can have pets hair coming out in areas that can look messy and can also lead to injuries with dogs slipping.  A tidy up is suited to dogs whose coats have been kept in good condition and just need to be tidied up.  We will trim your dog's face, feet, tail, sanitary areas, nails, clean ears and give them a bath and blow dry. No length is taken off the body.


Our Tidy Up prices are as follows:

​Small dog up to 10kg

from $65
Medium dog 10kg to 12kg
from $75


If your pet is dropping hair all around your house, a de-shedding groom out option is perfect for you.  We will wash and blow dry your dog and remove excess undercoat that can reduce shedding by up to 80%.

Feet and tail will be trimmed if required.

Some dogs will require more work to groom out and prices will be dependent on each dog.

Our Groom Out prices are as follows:

​Small dog up to 10kg

Short Coat - from $80

Long Coat - from $120
Medium dog 10kg to 12kg
Short Coat - from $90

Long Coat - from $140

Quotes will be provided at the time of your booking and confirmed when you drop off your pet. Any animals with knots will incur a surcharge which will be quoted at the time of the groom.



It is incredibly important to get your new puppy used to the being professionally groomed as young as possible.  This allows them to become comfortable with being touched all over and the sounds and tools used on them that they will experience for the rest of their lives.  The earlier and more regularly you expose your new puppy to grooming, the better for them and your groomer. 

We offer an intro puppy groom for puppies up to the age of 5 months. 


Puppies will receive a bath, blow dry, ears and eyes cleaned, nails trimmed, brush/comb and in front of their eyes and under feet tidied if necessary. 

Intro puppy grooms are available unlimited times during puppy's first 5 months - we suggest fortnightly or at least monthly where possible.

Please bring in something to show your puppy's birthday.

This groom is only valid for small/medium breed puppies that have a well maintained coat - no knots, we will not brush out knots on puppies. 

Our Puppy Groom Prices are as follows:

Short Coat


Long Coat



If you would like your dog to have a bath in between grooms, we offer a bath and blow dry service where we trim nails, bath and blow dry, clean ears and eyes then brush your dog.

Our Bath and Blow Dry prices are as follows:

Small Dog up to 10kg

Short Coat - from $40

Long Coat - from $50

Medium Dog 10-12kg

Short Coat - from $50

Long Coat - from $60

Nail Trim only


Extra Charges:

Knot/Matt removal

from $10

We do not repeatedly remove knots and mats from dogs. 

This is a one time only process and regular grooming is required to avoid knots and mats developing.



Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice/No Show


Late Pick Up
$10 per 15 minutes.

Please note: If for whatever reason a groom cannot be completed due to aggressive or stressed behaviour from your pet, a $25 service fee will still apply.

Dog Blower
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